It all started from here, Kampung Inggris Pare

It all started from here, Kampung Inggris Pare

Is there any other happiness rather than find out an absolutely proper teacher?

It has been an ages I did not use my English again, so for this term I decided to write my own story in English. Moreover, since I left a wonderful place called Pare, indeed TEST English School, I am not really able to use my English quite often neither spoken nor written. I ever said on my previous writing that I was not good in English (yet nowadays, –” ) , even though I did realize that language is the main key to open our access through the world, you have to remember, the more you can master in language, the more you can open your ways. Hence, English, a language that officially used in over 50 countries, is a must to be obtained for someone who wants to convey around the world. And my out of luck, English was my major enemy since first I knew it in elementary school.

A year ago, study abroad seemed like a totally impossible for me, looking back to the time when I first released my own proposal scholarship to OFFIX TADAO ANDO – Japan Architecture Scholarship, Oh my Goodness how terrible English that I ever stated on my scholarship application (maybe it was the reason why am I rejected?). I never knew to use proper academic English for formal communication, and how to use correct tenses on my writing. I was freaking confused, besides when finally I got my scholarship from LPDP (with my magic-luck to obtain sufficient score in TOEFL Test), I just had no more than one-year -chance to convert my destination from Indonesian University to overseas. Yap, at my first occasion I just wanted to continue my study in Indonesia, but due to the enrollment of my university was still next year so I tried to try another possibility. On the other hand, you should know that my deep feeling always said that I can go further more than this, hear an outstanding adventure outside is recently calling for you nelza!, and I will always believe with my own feeling, you have to do so guys ! Kampung Inggris Pare, TEST English School .

Therefore, I figured out my point that I had to leave my job, see my complete story regards to this on another writing .I left all whole things my job, my career, my start-up, just for getting opportunity to study abroad that I never know it will happen or not. Unfortunately, It remembered me one quote form Michael Jordan
I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

At least, even I failed I never curse my own self because I already did it. So, here it was the story begin, I came to Pare, folks say this is English Village of Java, a decade story about Pare and its successful story to change people abilities in English in a very short time, sounds interesting then. Although, economic reason was the main excuse that brought me here, since I realized I am no longer having a job and additional income again hehe.

Test English School, was my destination, I found it on the website thanks google , why? because i want to focus on IELTS, something that i did not know even just for a little. However, i had to take this kind of test for entering the university overseas. For your information, IELTS has been used by almost all outstanding university which has international class, from Australia, Europe, Japan & Korea, and also America.

10 August 2014, I got interview section, and I still obviously remembered what the man asked to me (sooner I know he is a Co-Founder of TEST English School, Arsyandi Mulia, or well-known as Lord),

where are you from ? Malang
where are you come from? I said Malang (again)

(What the bloody hell, I was suddenly getting nervous to face with both two questions that looked familiar, and then I could not determine what the different between two of them , damn it!)

(to be honest I felt that I was pathetic , in Indonesian Malang except the name of town also has a meaning as pathetic , yes I was truly “malang”)

From this awkward moment, and after spending a moment discussion with Mr. Lord I realized that I had to work out with my English quite well, and surprised I changed my decision, from a bravery desire to directly choose IELTS Camp (which is a month preparation for IELTS) to Home Schooling Program (3 Months Academic English Learning). Later I will deeply know that in TEST English School, you will be able to choose in which programs that will suit with you. It consists of Test University (7 Months), Home Schooling (3 Months), Pre-School (2 Months), After School (1 Month), , TOEFL Camp (1 Month), IELTS Camp (1 Month), and English Camp (2 Weeks). The programs make me understand that no short-cut ways in learning knowledge, and Mr. Lord ever said that

“english is the matter of habit and time as well”, and I do agree with these.
Anyway before writing this one I just watched a movie about gentleman titled Kingsman Secret Service, and an interesting quote that I got from this movie

“if you are prepared to adapt, and learn, you can transform”.

Oh God that was really I am. It was not easy to follow new tight schedules that I gained while studying here. Can you imagine? A daily routine activity will be started in the morning by memorizing five short-to-long conversations, then continue for doing conversation class (twice a week you have to go around Pare, discover your own “ victim” to have a conversation with you, and it should be recorded), rolling on to an hour discussion toward English Grammar, after taking a short break in the midday you have to join in writing class, and it will be end at Speaking Class that will force you to be brave to speak up in front of so many people. Is that enough? Not yet, you still have a Multimedia Class in the night until 10.00 o’clock every day, after this your homework from your Mounseour and Moiselle (you will call your tutor by this “unique” calling) will be waiting you to be done. See then, with this sort of activities there are two possibilities, come back home and forget your dreams, or adapt-fight-and enjoy it.

In short, Schooling program brought me towards a sufficient level towards IELTS, a test that will prove my abilities in English. In just only three months, you will see yourself as a different person. It is not only about English abilities, but also personality as well. Somebody ever said when you come to Test English School, you will never be the same person, and I already proofed it. What becomes more grateful guys, than having a time with so many people with same dreams and together we are preparing to achieve our goals?. Moreover, in the beginning of this writing I stated how lucky I am to find proper teachers and place to enhance my English abilities. Join with TEST English School became my best decision ever and I will always remember that everything started from here.

Nelza M. Iqbal
PDW, Architects and Trainee Obayashi Corp.
Arsitektur di Universitas Brawijaya
Ketua BEM Fakultas Teknik Universitas Brawijaya
Indonesia Endowment Fund For Education, Batch PK 21
MSc Building and Urban Design in Development,
University College London, U.K
Surya University as a research assistant under the Center of Static City (CSC) a joint operation Office of Strategic Architecture, PhD Candidate – Japan.