Arsyandi Mulia


Arsyandi Mulia, known professionally as Lord Coudiys, is a business analyst, a co-founder and an executive chairman of TEST International group, a leading educational institute.

Coudiys co-founded an English school startup in Kampung Inggris, Pare Kediri, with M. Raqib. They established an educational framework for non-native speakers (NNS) in 2013. Until 2016, Coudiys has strived to manage business marketplace for Indonesian scholars, which are around 5000 fellow students to date.

In 2013, Coudiys studied education systems of many countries. He researched two systems, namely ‘deschooling’, which is popular in the Europe, and ‘gap year programs’ which are common in the USA and growing in popularity. These programs are associated with teenage years to widening participation in study-work experience, a common practice before students enrolled in higher education institutions. During his research about ‘deschooling’ and ‘gap year programs’, Coudiys was surprised when finding a new role of the curriculum system for his prospective and current students at that time. He decided to provide them with revolutionary concepts derived from educational field observation. He did research by obtaining a process, managing with full supervision, maintaining effective performance, and working in the field. Later, he established an effective academic English curriculum for NNS by engaging and modifying two concepts of programs: Deschooling and Gap Year. Currently, the programs are popularly known as Homeschooling (3 Months – Intensive Academic English Camp) and TEST university (7 Months – Intensive Academic English Camp).

In 2015, it was claimed that TEST English School raised over a hundred alumni who studied and worked abroad and a thousand of other successful stories. TEST English School has become one of the most potential education institutions in Indonesia with a huge community and group of membership. Coudiys committed himself as the stakeholder of the government.

In 2016, Arsyandi Mulia established excellent programmes for his co-owned institutions with slogans: ‘Collaboration’, ‘We Speak Scholarship’, ‘Anak Bangsa Bangkit dan Berkarya’, ‘Anak Bangsa Jangan Putus Sekolah’, ‘Back to School’, ‘Let’s Go! Work Abroad’.

Our consumers are the ambassadors of our brand – Arsyandi Mulia Coudiys

Assistant : Karbela Fathul Alim, Nurhidayat