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Indonesia has positive demography, though unfortunately only less than 20% of Indonesian people can continue study into higher education. Indeed to take master or doctoral degree in abroad university, the number of Indonesian civilian are less than 5-10%. There is an option to tackle this problem with collaboration, every stakeholder should discuss to solve the problems together.

I knew TEST English School when I was an English student in Pare, Kediri, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. At that time, I studied about IELTS intensive course with post-course around 2 moths covering speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. TEST English School, not only educates Indonesian People to be an expert in English, but also teaches them about environmental friendly in daily live. Therefore, in my opinion, Test is one of the best English course in Indonesia which mixing English and environmental studies.

The one of TEST English School’s goal is to support Indonesian generation to be world class people, they encourage the young spirit Indonesian to go abroad bringing Indonesia into the globe’s part, not only get bachelor to doctoral degree in abroad university, but also to attend in international conference. Moreover, TEST English School has many collaboration research with Indonesian public and private board or organization, not to mention into me, an individual who is one of researcher in Foundation for Research and Industrial Affiliation, Bandung Institute of Technology or LAPI ITB.

TEST English School Support
This picture was taken before we flew to Vienna International Airport in Austria. The background was my research board, called LAPI ITB. We flew together from Soekarno-hatta international Airport in Cengkareng by Etihad Airlines.

Holla, amigoos, I am Fahmi Ikhwanudin one of Geodynamics Research Group researchers who works below LAPI ITB. I submitted a geoscience paper in European Association Geoscientist and Engineer (EAGE) in Vienna, Austria on 30 may-02 June 2016. My feeling was in uncontrolled waiting the announcement day, mixing hope and nervous together. When the announcement date is opened, my name was in the list of poster presenter in Reed Mess Wein, the prestigious building conference in Austria. Finally, I have to present my research that I wrote with my lecturer, in front of European and world’s scientists in international conference.
Regarding my English skills, particularly in speaking, I was not enough confident to handle the presentation because My English speaking skill is not as good as mozel and mizu in TEST Engllish School when I was studying about two months over there. I was not to forget to contact my mizu and mozel who are extremely fluent in English, to support me presenting my research and texting congratulation me when my extended abstract accepted by the EAGE committee. Luckily, I met another inspirating man in TEST, called Lord. Actually Lord’s name is Arsyandi Mulia or Coudiys or Mas Sandi, I usually call him. TEST English school brought me to the highest level of ladder in the motivation and spirit studying English, especially to help me to be a confident person in public speaking. Furthermore, my Basmallah dormitory mate, they were always be my side to do everything benefit things for improve my English skills.

TEST English School Camp Boys

Those were my class and dormitory mate during studying English in TEST English School. Every people in Pare, called us Basmallah camp boys. In that camp, we were together remembering our compulsory lesson and memorizing some advance vocabularies. There were so many incredible people with good English skills. They always supported me to improve my English skills and gave me thousand memorable moments.

Speaking about European Association Geoscientist and Engineer (EAGE) in Vienna, it can be a great story what which was done. I and Mas Sandi attended this international conference, listening the presentation and watching the exhibition in the biggest conference in Europe. Before we arrived in Vienna, we should registered our presence to the EAGE’s committee in order to have an ID and passing code to enter the building.

TEST English School Paper Participation

This picture is a registration paper for participant in behalf of Arsyandi Mulia who was registered to attend this conference.

The critical moment was coming forward to the presenter of e-poster in a few minutes later. The presenter was given 20 to 25 minutes to explain the research using sophisticated huge touch-screen. Saying Bismillah and drinking pure water, I had done before I started presenting my research. Mas Sandi and my supervisor were always in my side supporting my mentality and capability to finish my work in Vienna. Finally, I could answer some questions and I was feeling great and freely to breath. 

TEST English School Research
This is an outline of my research which is located in Papua, Indonesia. I presented this e-poster in front of many researchers from around the globe. It was greatly nervous.

Admittedly, TEST English School totally supported me when I presented my research in Vienna. Our collaboration with TEST English School was started when I registered to attend Exhibition and Conference in EAGE Vienna 2016. I contacted Mas Sandi to support our research and was our collaborator to make dreams coming true. I believe this collaboration was extremely useful for our official boards and generally indirect for Indonesia. Indeed because our collaboration was under similar several necessaries, for instance the same of goal, good communication, positive reciprocity, trust, validation, emotional intelligent, and final destination. Lastly, TEST English School is a professional board that has the highest integrity to build human resource in Indonesia, ranging from English skills to leadership.
TEST English School Presentation at Vienna Austria

This picture was captured after I had presented my poster presentation in Reed Mess International Conference Building in Vienna Austria, next to me is my lecturer, my advisor and my role-model. It was extremely amazing for me presenting the research in European land.

To close this essay, I would like to say thank you so much to TEST English School which gives me a support for an Indonesian researcher delivering original ideas in EAGE international conference. Not to forget our laboratory, Geodynamics Research Group, Bandung Institute of Technology which built me as professional and modern geoscientist, and my lecturers who educated me while I was a student and finished my research.

TEST English School Presentation Research at Vienna Austria

This picture is my acknowledgement for TEST English School, especially to the Co-Founder Mr. Arsyandi Mulia or Coudiys or Mas Sandi who supported Indonesian researchers to be part of the world’s scientists.

Warm Regards,
Fahmi Ikhwanudin
Bachelor degree of Geological Engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology,
Geodynamics Research Group, LAPI ITB, Indonesia
European Association Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)’s member
Intensive IELTS Course on October-December 2015 Program, TEST ENGLISH SCHOOL