Izzudin Hakim

TOEFL Instructor

Izzuddin A Hakim is an author of the books; (1) Political Capture: Memotret Konstelasi Politik di Indonesia 2014 and (2) Dinamika Politik Kartel: Studi atas Perilaku KMP dan KIH Pra dan Pasca-Pemilu 2014. He graduated from the Department of Political Science at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta. Involved in several research projects, he was mandated to be the executive director of the SRC (Student Reseach Club).

He was awarded university’s two most prestigious awards; (1) Political Science study program’s Best Graduate and (2) 2015 Student Achievement Awards on the Category of Non-Fiction Paper Work. Besides, he also regularly expresses his views on current political issues in Newspapers and Magazines. He is now a fellow instructor of TEST-English School in the Department of TOEFL Camp.