How to nail IELTS Speaking Test!

How to nail IELTS Speaking Test!

Hi Buddies, I am pleased to share about Tips and Tricks dealing with one of IELTS section which is Speaking Test. This part is the separated test that might be held in previous, same or following day, it totally depends on your test schedule. Get to know more about this test, it takes time around 10 until 15 minutes which is divided into 3 parts. The general aim of speaking test is to measure your speaking ability by using four criteria; fluency & coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range & accuracy, and pronunciation.

So let’s moving on to the details. In part 1, runs for 5 minutes, you will be asked some general questions, since the goal of this part to settle you down with the IELTS Speaking Test atmosphere, whilst you cannot take it easy, to be concern, the Examiner will elicit how you respondto certain information and opinions about familiar topic which focus on range of tenses and functions. Finishing this part you will directly move to Part 2 which test your ability to speak in a long turn 1 until 2 minutes, and requires an awareness in both organizing andcontrolling your speech. Don’t worry, you have 1 minute to take a note. The last part of this assessment is Part 3, last 4-5 minutes, then you will have a discussion and more abstract question which cover the topic in Part 2. This stage challenges candidates no longer to talk about themselves, but about people, beliefs, and experiences in general. The questions are designed to elicit a range of functions such as describing, comparing, suggesting, agreeing, or disagreeing.

Get high score in Speaking, is it possible? Yes of course, there are some strategies to deal with speaking test;

  • Fluency is one of assessment criteria, it’s crucial to become fluent and it requires practice, so try using English as often as possible with your friends as well as with English speakers, come on buddies, you can Skype with them.
  • Lexical resource always pops up as a common problem for most students, reading a lot of resources related to IELTS speaking topics is a good way to enlarge your vocabularies.
  • Don’t worry about grammar, the most important thing in this criteria is maintaining your sentence structure to not impede communication, even in Band 7 grammatical errors still persist. Trying produce complex and compound sentences are essential to increase your score.
  • As a matter of fact, we are from non-English speaking country and several districts in Indonesia have a unique accent that might disturb to pronounce the words, to solve this problem shadowing technique, immitating the way simger sings a song, can be a suitable solution.
  • Entering part 2, don’t waste your minute trying to write out the whole talk. Use the time to jot down some key ideas to prompt you while you are speaking.Buddies, adding an idiom is a good idea.
  • Time management! Practice giving your talk with a clock or watch in front of you. As you must talk for at least one minute in the exam, you need practice at judging this time.
  • If you get Yes or No question, it would be better giving Yes or No responds before add following information.
  • It’s okay for us to make up or even speculate story for delivering an interesting answer, however, you have to make sure intention of communicating naturally.
  • Another secret way to have a sequence sentence is typing the answer of IELTS speaking question to figure out your pattern in speaking.
  • The last, practicing every day is really important to improve our skill in Speaking since Practice makes perfect.

Those 10 steps might work for yau and it’s already proven for several students. There are many buddies can reach more tahan band 7. So what are you waiting for, start your initial step in order to catch your dream. for further information you can join our program in Test English School and be our family member.