A Glimpse of IELTS Learning Process

A Glimpse of IELTS Learning Process

IELTS Test might be a burden for those who are not familiar with it. Before IELTS test become prevalent we have known or heard about TOEFL test. However, in this article I am not going to explain about the differences between these two tests. Hence, I will highlight several tips which might be helpful for you, IELTS test takers.

In the initial step, the most important thing to do is to familiarize yourself in four language skills; listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This familiarization can take a form of reading any writings you like, listening to all your English favorite songs or watching videos and movies, writing a note or even keeping a diary (or a journal if ‘diary’ sounds too feminine for you) and trying to speak in English. Sounds hard? I hope not, since all you have to do is to pick any forms that you like and immerse yourself in it. Anyway, when we love doing something, we will not consider it as a learning process. And believe me, it’s not that hard.

The next step, when you already know your goal, be it a scholarship or a more decent job which requires a good understanding of English, take it more seriously. Go to the next level by switching your favorite songs to movies without subtitle and news programs in English. Do it daily and religiously. Spend at least thirty minutes each day and you can see your progress daily. Read articles in English, make sure they are long enough around 1,000 words. It is okay if you read news and/or popular articles provided on websites. Try to write articles with a more formal form, essay and academic writing, or even a report. Imagine yourself want to give a presentation to a client or in the front of a class to an intimidating lecturer. And provide yourself a speaking partner (more than just ‘a’ is great), speak with your partner everyday, try to explain things in an elaborate manner.

But wait, what if you are already familiar with English language? Skip the initial step and set off to the next step. Come on, you have all the required skills for the higher level.

And finally, you know that you exceedingly need to take IELTS test and extremely need to practice to get your desired score. Familiarize yourself with the types of the test by doing the practice tests everyday. Yes, everyday. You want to get 7 or 7.5 or higher? Go for it, you can.

And I believe that if you are reading this article RIGHT NOW, you are looking for a right place to study IELTS. Congratulation, you bumped on the right website. Here, in TEST English school you will learn many tips and practice IELTS everyday. And all tips I mentioned above you can find here. And a partner to do speaking? Of course you will find that person too and you will meet so many partners, literally.

After you have done the pleasant initial step and a slightly harder step alone, what should you do? Still want to do the practice tests alone? Oh, come on!

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PK 36 LPDP, PNJ teaching staff, MA TESOL Pre-service – University College London 2015.