Fight for Your Dreams

Fight for Your Dreams

Firstly I am sorry if my English is not good enough and you probably will confuse with my typewriting. However I am still young and always eager to learn more. It is the first post with English that actually the subject that I am pure hate ever but I made greatest bet when I decided to move to outlying city just by myself and spent about 7 months. It is one of my wonderful stories in my live.

On December 2014 I decided to finish my study in TEST ENGLISH SCHOOL, Pare, West Java, Indonesia after studying and teaching English there. I do not know where to start my story. There are so many things that I have got such as new friend, new environment, new rule and many more. I did not actually want to stay there more 2 or 3 months however in fact I stayed more than 6 months because of many reasons. On April 2014 I came to TEST ENGLISH SCHOOL and I met Mizu Illmy Zaada Faidullah who was the first person that introduced TEST ES and afterwards suddenly Mizu Ilmy, senior TOEFL teacher in Test English School ,is my role model during 6 months and until now I cannot get TOEFL score higher than his -,-‘ because of Mizu Ilmy I took homeschooling that provided me study about English for 3-4 months. The first month I joined in Foundation Class, the second month I still stayed in foundation because Lord , Arsyandi Mulya, owner TEST ES, asked me to stay, the third month I moved to integrated, the fourth month I was in TOEFL, The fifth month I joined with many great person in that class with great mizu and mozel too in IELTS class. In that class I got not only new knowledge about IELTS but also new inspiration to keep struggle for getting scholarship. Kampung Inggris

In my opinion IELTS is something that everyone should have to get international acknowledge especially about proficiency in English. In IELTS class I met many persons that I cannot mention one by one with different background education. Something that make me quite shock was when I found fact that my friends who had finished their study abroad (China, France and Malaysia) still came to English Village Pare to study, yes to study English guys . It can show that how important English in our daily life especially if you want to continue study and join with international research group with many people around the world. It is great , isn’t it.

After finishing my obligation as a student I move to higher level. I got opportunity as a teacher in TEST ES the first month I taught in foundation and integrated and the second month I taught in TOEFL and Foundation class. I was very happy in that moment because I can do something that I love. Teaching student in my opinion is my great contribution to my lovely country, Indonesia, because I think it is my truly passion. In this way I will get chance to make people from do not understand to fully understand. It is amazing for me, when I was a student university I spend about 3 years to teach student both in institutional and private course especially in physics and mathematics with different level from elementary school to senior high school . It does not mean about the money but it is totally about desire to make people more understand and I do not know if one day my student will obtain something that change the world. and now for keeping my English I have my own TOEFL course in my dorm and our class is started at 5 a.m. every Saturday and it is free guys. I always remember my first score when I scoring in TEST ES, my score was 416 and now alhamdulilah it is enough for applying scholarship abroad. Thank you lord, mizu and mozel.

Ganis Sanhaji
HMD Fisika 2011Eksplosif
BEM, MIPA Universitas Indonesia
Jurusan Electronics Instrumentation Department of Physics di Universitas Indonesia
Jurusan Teknik fisika di Institute Teknologi Bandung
Department Semiconductor and Display Technology, Wonkwang University, Taiwan.